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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TV Shows

Working two jobs and taking 4 online classes is taking a serious toll on my television watching. I didn't really watch a lot of TV before, and when this fall season started and knowing that I'd have less time, I decided not to pick up any new shows this season. Just stick to the ones I already loved. The ONLY shows I planned to watch this season were Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, and Bones (And when I say "watch" I do mean record and watch at my earliest convenience). Although I really enjoyed Life Unexpected last season, I decided not to try to keep up with season and maybe catch up on it over the summer online. The only new show that I was partly interested in was Mike and Molly which I hear is very cute, but again, I could catch it come summer. Now, if you know me you'll see that there is something very obvious missing from my list of must-watch shows. Glee. The thing about Glee is, when it started last season, we missed the first couple of episodes and we are kind of weird about starting a show from the beginning. So, we chose to not watch and wait until the DVD came out to buy and catch up so we could watch this season. Which brings me to my current rant...
I have the first season of Glee and have watched the pilot episode. This season is being recorded in my DVR every week. I won't watch this season without finishing last season and I have no idea when that will occur.
I've watched the first 3 Modern Family of this season.
I'm only behind 2 episodes of How I Met Your Mother.
I've seen the first episode of this season's Big Bang Theory.
I've watched the first 2 episodes of this season's Good Wife.
I am completely caught up on Bones, but this is in large part due to the fact that Shell watches it too and it comes first in priority when we have time to watch something together.

6 shows and I'm only keeping up on 1. Oh and I've been recording this season's Oprah since it's the last one and I figured she'd have some pretty good shows. I haven't seen one, yet they've recorded every day. It's insane. I think I might be able to catch up during the month between the end of this semester and the start of the next, although Christmas is thrown in there too, so who knows.
I've heard my shows are pretty good this season, hopefully I'll be able to find out for myself before long.
2 days of November, 2 days of blogging. :)

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DaniKel said...

I never used to watch much tv either. Then we got the dvr, and my infatuation started... and then I learned that I could watch shows online, and my obsession exploded! And this season, it was starting to become too overwhelming, so I told Kel that I had to let some shows go! She laughed at me!

Way to go on day 2!! We can do this.... maybe!! :)