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Monday, November 15, 2010

2 (Polar Opposite) Peas in a Pod

It's actually pretty fantastic that you all have asked such great questions, as I have nothing noteworthy to write about so I have NO idea what I would have written about! :)
Actually, the big thing going on right now is the decision of what and how many classes I should take next semester. Registration starts tomorrow and classes start January 18. There are only 4 weeks left in this semester, and one of those is Thanksgiving break. I'm almost at the end!

Back to questions: Steph asked how my kids are alike and different or how they are like or unlike me. My kids are VERY different! For two kids who have spent their whole lives together, it's amazing how different they are. I say my son is "all boy" and that is true. He is rough and tumble, likes getting dirty, eats all. the. time, prefers his playtime to be about crashing objects together or making noise somehow, talks a mile a minute, dislikes showering and brushing his teeth, and thrives when he is busy. However, he is also snuggly and gives hugs all the time, still asks to be tucked into bed at night with a hug, climbs on my lap, likes helping us cook, and smiles and laughs constantly.

My daughter on the other hand is soft-spoken, calm, gentle, and kind. She prefers sprawling out on her bed with a book to, well, just about anything. She almost never needs to be reminded to brush her teeth or take a shower, and never needs to argue about it. She is sensitive and is genuinely concerned about animal care and safety. She isn't as cuddly, but she likes time when we are both sitting on her bed and we just talk. I never run out of topics with her.

I am told that my daughter is just like I was at her age, which is a little frightening considering how rough I made my teenage years. And my boy is so very much like Shell. In their temperaments and tempers, their actions and reactions. It's amazing how alike they are. This is great and not so great, as sometimes they are like oil and water. The similar ways in which they handle conflict definitely makes for some tnse evenings. But their big tempers counteract the big way they love. It can feel a little demanding at times, but it's always interesting.

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StephLove said...

Thanks for answering. It's been fun checking your blog this month, knowing there will be something new.