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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Registered for Spring

I am officially registered for Spring classes. It's going to be a lot once again, but even though this semester has been hard, I've done it and am pretty confident that I can do it again. I'll be tired, sure. I'll miss my family, sure. But I'll have even more classes completed towards my degree and I will have the summer off to recoup before Fall classes begin again. I found it very strange that financial aid won't pay for summer classes. I probably would have taken one or two otherwise. But it's probably good that I'm forced into that break. Especially since I'll be getting into the harder (for me) math classes in the Fall, so the time off will be a good thing.

The classes I'm taking in the Spring are:
Colorado History
Fundamentals of Mathematics/ Pre-Algebra (this is a hybrid class encompassing both in one semester)
American Government
Human Sexuality

I'm still pretty amazed that I'm even in college after all this time and the idea that I'm planning for my second semester is a bit surreal. I wonder if this feeling will continue until graduation?


B said...

What degree are you studying for? One more question: did your kids get teased b/c they have two moms?

StephLove said...

Good luck finishing this semester and in the coming one.