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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alphabet Meme

I saw this quite a long time ago on someone's blog and put it aside for a rainy day. Well, it's starting to snow and is supposed to continue for some time. Sounds like a good time to me!


Age: 36

Annoyance: blissful ignorance

Allergic: maybe. windy days do a number on my sinuses

Animal: I love dogs

Actor: Johnny Depp/ Halle Berry


Beer: gross. I've NEVER tasted a beer that I enjoyed.

Best Friend: Eric. It's been 21 years that we've been friends. That's a lot of life we've been through with each other!

Best feeling in the world: snuggling with my wife and kids watching a movie

Best weather: the turning of the season just as the summer temps start to come down but before fall's cold nights start. Highs in the 80's are perfect

Been in love? fiercely

Been bitched out? oh yeah

Been on stage? yep. Choir concerts, talent show, singing solo.

Believe in life on other planets? I do believe there is "life" on other planets. I'm not so sure about that life manifesting in the form of aliens.

Believe in miracles? no

Believe in magic? somewhat

Believe in God? no

Believe in Satan? no

Believe in ghosts? yes


Car: I have an '04 Nissan Sentra.

Candy: sometimes, but it must be chocolate or I'm probably not very interested

Color: many shades of green

Cried in school? I don't remember

Chinese or Mexican food? Seriously, these are my two favorite types of food. I can't pick just one. I'd totally eat egg rolls and tacos in the same meal if I could...

Cake or pie? pie. the only kinds of cake I like are ice cream cakes and boston cream pie, which is technically cake.

Countries to visit: I'd love to see Australia for me, and I'd love to take Shell to France.


Day or night? Hmm, I'm more awake and productive during the day, but I do enjoy nighttime activities...

Dream vehicle: I don't dream about vehicles.

Dance in the rain? I would, but I don't think I have.

Dance in the middle of the street? I'm sure I haven't done this.


Eggs? Oh yes, I like eggs in many forms, but NEVER raw!

Eyes: I'm a fan of eyes. If the question is the color of eyes, I don't have a preference.

Everyone has a past.

Ever failed a class? yes, second semester of Algebra II. I was so lost.


First crush: my neighbor

First thought waking up: should I hit snooze?

Food: I'm quite the fan.


Greatest fear: outliving my kids

Gum: sugarless

Get along with parents? usually, but not on speaking terms currently with my mom

Good luck charms: I don't believe in them


Hair color: natural is brown, but it's colored with blonde and light brown righ now

Height: 5'7 1/2"

Happy? mostly

Holidays? I like my birthday

Health freak? sometimes I wish I was because I am far from it in reality


Ice cream: Oh god yes! I LOVE ice cream. Mocha Almond Fudge is my favorite!

Instrument: Can't play any


Jewelry: I wear the ring on my left hand ring finger every day. Occasionally I'll wear a necklace.

Job: My job title might be receptionist, but I do many jobs at my full-time job. And I work part-time at P*tsM*rt


Kids: 12 year old boy/girl twins

Keep a journal? This blog is the closest I come to one


Longest car ride? California to Colorado and I've done it many times now. 14-17 hours. Piece of cake.

Love: I give and receive it every day. Wouldn't trade that for the world.

Laughed so hard you cried: So many times, particularly when my best friends and/or sisters are involved

Love at first sight? I've never felt it, but I am told it's what happened when Shell first saw me.


Milk flavor: chocolate

Movie: Moulin Rouge

Mooned anyone? no

Marriage? someday...

Motion sickness? thankfully, no


Number of siblings: I have twin sisters who are 3 1/2 years younger than me

Number of piercings: 2 in each ear

Number: don't have one


Overused phrases: right?

One wish: no more credit card debt

One phobia: heights


Place you'd like to live: Northern California

Pepsi or coke? pepsi


Quail? cute bird, wouldn't eat it


Reason to cry: teen suicides due to bullying

Reality tv? not if I can help it

Radio station: The Mountain (Classic Rock)

Roll your tongue in a circle? I can


Song? Come What May

Sushi? haven't had it

Skipped school? I didn't do this very often, as school was where my friends were at and where I'd prefer to be.

Slept outside? I have, mainly in a tent

Seen a dead body? yes

Skinny dipped? yes

Shower daily? not always

Sing well? I used to be better when I practiced. I'm okay now.

Sing in the shower? never

Swear? I do, but not a lot

Strawberries or blueberries? strawberries

Scientists need to invent a cure for cancer


Time for bed: I used to be in bed by 11. Now it's usally between midnight and one.

Thunderstorms? LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!


Unpredictable? depends on who you ask

Under the influence: very very rarely, and then only due to alcohol


Vegetable you hate: beets

Vegetable you love: asparagus

Vacation spot: I'd love to go to Hawaii


Weakness: food

Which one of your friends acts the most like you? no one that I can think of

Who makes you laugh the most? My boy

Worst feeling: that I'm not a good mom

Wanted to be a model? I've wanted to be what it takes to be a model, but no real modeling desire

Where do we go when we die? my body will be cremated and the disposition of the ashes will be up to my children. End of story.

Worst weather: really windy or very hot

Walk with a book on your head? I used to be able to.


X-rays? Just dental xrays and ultrasounds while pregnant


Yellow: my daughter's favorite color. She is very yellow as well.


Zoo animals: My favorite are the Przewalski's horses

Zodiac sign? I'm a Taurus

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heidi said...

You shall be seeing this soon on a blog near you!

I have a question---what is the very best date night the two of you have had?