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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winterize Sprinklers..Uh Oh

So as responsible homeowners living in Colorado, one must have their sprinklers winterized when the weather starts to turn cold. Well...we procrastinated on this and the damage may already be done. We were right on top of it last winter, had it done in enough time to have the aerate and fertilization done as well. And then this year rolled around, and we didn't. To be honest, I did call the place we went through last year and they had already finished for the year. I called a couple of other places (this was a couple of weeks ago) and they were done as well. I figured we were screwed and stopped calling. Yesterday there was a light dusting of snow when I woke up and I thought that I'd better give it a try again. I found a sprinkler and landscape company who will still do it. The scheduler called me back this morning and said that it is VERY rare for the actual sprinkler pipes underground to freeze (that was my big fear), but pretty likely that the backflow preventer did freeze. If it did, it will probably be around $150 to replace it. The winterization costs about $75, so let's hope that some miracle occurs and the backflow preventer is fine. Please, please, please! She is supposed to call me back and let me know when they can get out to do it, hopefully by the end of the week. It's only in the low 30's today, but tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be in the low to upper 40's, with it dropping back into the 30's this weekend.
Speaking of this weekend, we are going to the Denver Art Museum on Saturday. It is a Free Day so we are taking the kids for their first visit to an art museum. I'm sure that my girl is going to love it, I hope the boy will too.

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