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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winterize Sprinklers..Check!

The sprinkler company came this morning and winterized the sprinklers. And there is no damage done. What a relief! And then I realized that my boy had a orthodontist appointment scheduled for this afternoon that I forgot about. There was no way I could leave work and after staying up longer then usual this morning, Shell wasn't going to be able to take him either because she'd be sleeping. So I rescheduled it for next week. I can't believe I forgot about it. I probably wouldn't even have realized it if I hadn't gone in my planner to write down the sprinkler company's information for future notice. Why do I have a planner if I don't check it often enough to notice things like this??
I really want to add pictures in my posts. But I only post while I'm at work, and I don't have my pictures saved on this computer. I really need to get on while I'm at home and do this. But once I get home we are finishing dinner preparations, eating dinner, making sure homework is done, going to Karate 3 nights a week and spending my hour a day with my wife. Most nights I'm busy until the kids go to bed and then I just want to sit in bed and fall asleep to something I've recorded on TV. What an exciting life I lead. Ha!
I talked to my best friend today. I'm so glad he called. I suck so bad at calling people. Especially him. And my sisters. And the very few other friends that I have. Why? Well see reason above for why I don't get on the computer at home. Then add in that I kind of feel that I don't have much to add to the conversation. That about sums it up. Basically I just suck. I really need to work on this.

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