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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One day down...

Yesterday was a success. Why you ask? Here's the thing: After the money spent to make Joe well again and the stupid bills that won't pay themselves, we are faced with the sad fact that we have no savings. Six weeks before Christmas this is very hard to swallow. So before we went grocery shopping on Sunday, we sat and made a plan. A "Absolutely no fast food purchases" plan. This may sound easy to some, but we are family that sadly eats a lot of fast food. Not just as a family, but Shell and I purchase a lot of it during our lunch times at work. Me and the kids pick up "a couple of hamburgers" on the way home from Karate at least once a week. And Starbucks, oh Starbucks! I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Caramel Frappuchino Light. I have one at least once a week, usually more. These things add up to a lot of money, not to mention a lot of calories and fat. So, we vowed to make it one week with no Starbucks and no fast food. And since Shell is not working overtime this week, we are eating dinner as a family most nights. This puts most of the burden of cooking on her, I usually make the side dishes when I get home if possible. So although we spent a lot more at the grocery store, I'm sure it will balance out. We followed our plan yesterday perfectly. Woo Hoo! How sad is that? If we can really do this (and we have to), Christmas may be possible after all. Still not the way we usually do it, but maybe better than we thought.
I am hopeful that in the absence of fast food and the sinfully yummy Frappuchinos, I will lose some weight too. I weighed myself yesterday morning, and it was the same as the scale said at the doctor. Usually their scale reads higher than mine. Not this time. So this is now the heaviest I've ever been. I've got some work to do.

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