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Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Poor Joe

Joe is sick. He is my sweet basset hound, and he is a sick dog. Of course I can't get him into the vet until 5:00 today, so in the meantime Shell is calling me to tell me that he is so weak and lethargic that he isn't always making it to the backyard before he lets loose. And loose is the operative word here. Very loose. I am afraid that he is already very dehydrated. My wife is afraid that our carpets will never recover. I am pretty sure this may be a warranted fear.
We got our Joe last August from the Rescue. He was very underweight when we took him in. He has the sweetest temperament of any dog I've known. Although he doesn't really know commands, he notices when the tone of your voice changes and will stop whatever he is doing - right or wrong. For as long as we've had him, he has had stomach/intestinal issues. This is easily the worst I've seen him. The kids were very concerned this morning, because he loves when they wake up. He greets them both with lots of tail wagging and the expectation of petting. He does not lick people. He has accidentally licked all of us about once each. With each one we hoped it meant he would continue, but no such luck. I love him, in spite of it all. I know that Shell does too, in her own way. Our children adore him. I am really hoping that he can make it until his appointment and then they can help him. He needs help, big time.

Joe, just a couple of weeks ago.

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