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Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday, Monday

It's Monday. The start of a week I'm not looking forward to. It should be reminiscent of every week in the last 2 months. I will be training the new office person for our Utah office. I was supposed to do this 2 weeks ago, but that girl chickened out when she got to the airport. Among other reasons, we decided to withdraw the offer of employment. So here I am again. She will be my shadow all week. Thankfully she doesn't fly in until noon, so I have a little time to myself. I don't love the idea of someone watching everything I do. I really work independently; I know what needs to be done and I get it done, but I don't follow a daily agenda. I need to show her pretty much everything I do, and make sure she is comfortable doing it. I will be her 1st contact with any questions she has once she is back in Utah. This is a first for me and I am nervous. I know I am good at my job, but can I train someone else to do it?
On a totally selfish note, having her here next to me all the time means I won't be able to just randomly jump in to check my email or leave blog entries, or just surf the internet during down time. I'm not supposed to do it, she certainly can't know that she can.
On a lighter note, I had a really great weekend. My boy had testing on Sat. for his next belt, and passed with flying colors. He is now a Green-Brown Belt. I'm really proud of him. I think the hard part of his training is now beginning. He is on track to earn his Black Belt next fall. It's going to be hard, but he can do it. His test was from 7:15am to 12:45pm. We went to McDonalds to eat and then went back for the belt promotion ceremony at1:45. That went until 3:30. We went home, spent some time with Shell and then she left for work at 5:15. The kids and I hung out and watched TV and did laundry until we went to bed.
Shell got home Sunday morning about 7:15am, and we cuddled up and went right back to sleep. I finally got up at 10:00 and started some laundry going. She got up at 11:30 and announced that she was taking the girl with her to run some errands. I convinced her to go to the grocery store too. They left, then I took the boy with me to clean my office. We got home and soon after my dad came over to give me my very first lesson on mowing the grass. Yes, I am 33 and had no idea what to do. Growing up, my dad always mowed the grass. Then when I moved out, I lived in apartments. Then we moved here and either lived with my parents (briefly), my sister (even more briefly) or apartments again. We rented a house where the landlords took care of yard maintenance. Then we bought our house and since Shell's dad was living with us, he took the yard as his contribution. He moved out in September, so the grass hadn't been cut since then. It REALLY needed it. Anyway, my dad gave me the general idea, made sure I could start the mower, and left me to it. AND I PROCEEDED TO CUT MY GRASS! I got the front and side yards done and will tackle the back yard probably Saturday. It was a lot of work, being that the grass was about 6 inches high, but it was very satisfying. I did it all by myself - with coaching by my boy. He was very helpful in letting me know when I missed a section.
While I mowed my front jungle, my wife baked a cake and started dinner. It was all so yummy. Oh, and the errand that she ran earlier in the day was to go to Kohl's and buy me 3 new outfits. She is a hopeless shopaholic, and really does love to buy me clothes anyway. But she thought I could use some new things to boost my spirits going into this week. I feel very lucky to have her.

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