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Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 16

30 Days:Day 16-Dream house

I don't really have a dream house, kind of like I don't have a dream car or a dream vacation. What I do have is elements of each of those things that I would really love to have. So. Things about a house that would make it dreamy for me include:

  • Large bedrooms. Our master bedroom now is quite large, but the kids' rooms are very much not. I'd like for all the rooms to be big.

  • A separate room (not someone's bedroom) for the computer to live it. Our computer is currently in the living room and I'd like it to be removed from the main areas of the house.

  • A bathroom for each person who lives in the house. This would mean that there'd be two bathrooms in the master bedroom, which would really be perfect.

  • Double oven in the kitchen and a large cooktop with grill built in like the cooking shows have.

  • Windows that open from bottom to top instead of side to side. I hate having the windows open and the shades rattling whenever the wind blows. I wish I could match the shade to be open the same way as the window. I suppose this would also work with vertical shades.

  • A finished basement with bathroom.

  • Manicured lawns with flowers and trees. Maintained by someone else. I'd like a deck in the backyard with some type of awning or cover that won't blow away.

  • A dog door to the backyard so we don't have to open the door for the dogs a million times a day.

  • An interior decorator to help us coordinate colors and accessories and prints for the walls so it reflects us but still looks good.

  • No carpet. I'd like laminate flooring throughout, with some type of runners on the stairs. Big carpet tiles in the bedrooms for coziness, but no more wall to wall carpet, particularly in the main areas of the house.

  • Ample lighting. The lighting in our kitchen sucks and I always wish it was brigher in there.

  • My dream house would be paid for. :)

  • The best part about my dream house would be that my neighbors would be my friends and my close family members. You know, the ones I'd like to have near as much as possible. Even if it was just their vacation home, at least I'd know I'd get to see them more often.


Maria said...

My house is very old, so we have the up and down windows and I admit that I love opening them up on Spring days to blow away the cooped up winter smells.

And yes, NO carpeting is best. Our floors are all heavy oak and we love them. But...be prepared to have to sweep a lot.

StephLove said...

Our kids are sharing a bedroom, and while it's working now, the older one really wants his own room. I can't imagine when we'll be able to afford either an addition or a bigger house, though, esp. since we just got a new fence and we might need a new roof.