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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 17

30 Days: Day 17-Something you’re looking forward to

This is very appropriate for just this moment in time.
I'm looking forward to:

  • the end of this semester! I've submitted all of my final assignments, am taking my Colorado History final Thursday afternoon, taking my Pre-Algebra final Thursday night, taking my Human Sexuality final on Friday and wrapping it all up with my American Government final on Saturday. This has been a tough semester and I'm REALLY looking forward to some time to get some things done around my house and maybe even read a book for pleasure.

  • getting my boy's new room in the basement finished. My dad built the frame for his new wall last weekend and we'll probably have that part done by the end of this weekend. Then we'll move his furniture down and arrange it. He'll have to deal with the curtain that's already down there for now and the overhead light, then once we recover from the wall costs we'll personalize the space for him.

  • seeing my aunt next month. She's never been out here and even though we see her when we visit California, it's very infrequent. Plus she's my favorite of all my aunts and uncles and she'll be here for a week!

What I'm looking forward to long term:

  • Making all this work worth it when I get my degree. AA first, then on to the BA. Maybe someday I'll do the Master's program too. Maybe.

  • At the same time as I'm dreading it, I'm also looking forward to seeing what my kids are like as teens. I'm really hoping for it to be mild, but the anticipation of not knowing makes me worry about it more.

  • the time when the kids are out of the house and it's just Shell and &.

  • having a career and getting paid for something I'm passionate about.

  • seeing my kids go to college.

  • legally marrying my wife in the state we live in. Big dreaming there, but I have to believe it will happen.

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