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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 21

30 Days: Day 21-Nicknames

I haven't really had many nicknames and the ones I've had or have now are ones I don't really mind. When I was very young, my dad nicknamed me Shorty and he continued calling me that through high school. Now he writes it in my birthday cards, just to make sure I know he hasn't forgotten it.

As a variation on my name, the most common nickname I've had is Tyff, but my family has also exapanded that to Tyffy and Tyffer in the past.

Shell has many nicknames for me which are typically complements to my appearance. She refers to me as Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy and the other common names like Honey, Babe and Baby.

One of my favorite nicknames is what my nieces and nephew call me. When the oldest started learning names, she decided that none of us had names she approved of so she picked her own.
Okay, so she just couldn't pronounce them correctly and what she did call us ended up being our new monikers. Aunt Tyffany is a mouthful, so she simplified it for herself and I became Timmy. Sometimes they call me Aunt Timmy now too.

My favorite nickname of all is Mommy. My kids are 12 now, and they both still call me Mommy and I don't take it for granted. I'll be sad to see it go when I become Mom, but I feel like I've had a good long run with the name I grew up knowing that I wanted to be called.

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