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Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 24

30 Days: Day 24-Something you’ve learned

Hmmm... and Hmmm some more...

I've learned that these challenges are best answered in bullets! Does that count? :)

  • Despite what I thought as a teen, my parents weren't really out to ruin my life and they didn't hate me. I've learned that they actually did know what they were talking about a lot of the time. However, I've also learned that their way is not the only way and choosing to parent my kids differently is a decision that should and will be made by Shell and I and not by those who parented us. Their time is over, they had their fun and now it's our turn to either succeed or fail.

  • I've learned that having kids is exactly like and nothing like what I was told and thought it would be before they were here. It is much easier in some ways and so much harder in others. I've learned that being a mom and more specifically being their mom is my favorite part of life so far.

  • I've learned that just because two people love each other more than words and fight to be together and live the life they dreamed about, it will still be hard and challenging. Love is easy, but relationships are not. This is not something I've enjoyed learning, as this has led to more learning about how to communicate effectively and what works and what doesn't when you have two people who show their feelings in opposite ways. This one is an education in progress.

  • I've learned that I can do more than I thought. I guess that means that I've learned to have more confidence in myself. I've learned that although it is the hardest thing I've done next to parenting, I can go to school and work and have a family. I'm not always good at managing my time, but it is possible. And I've learned that I'm not as horrible at math as I thought, I just have to work at it.

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Stacy said...

I like what you've learned. :)

I've learned that bullets are an excellent way to diffuse some of the hard to answer stuff. lol