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Thursday, October 9, 2008

So I'm not perfect...

I didn't post yesterday. But I'm not going to consider it a failure, just an opportunity to do better. So maybe I'll post more than once someday to make up for it. Maybe.
I had an appointment yesterday morning to get my teeth cleaned. No cavities for me! Then I dropped my car off to have the brakes looked at. I was really afraid that I might have to do the rotors too, but thankfully I just needed to replace the brake pads. I had them do my oil change and a couple of other maintenance stuff in preparation for our drive to Breckenridge next weekend. $400 later, I am now officially stressing out about where the money to pay for the test is going to come from. And how we are going to pull off Christmas. I've got to buy a plane ticket for my best friend to come next month and I really need to do it soon to try to get a good price.
One of my favorite TV shows is on tonight. I have been watching ER since the very beginning and this is the last season. I know that it doesn't have the highest quality writing, but it is familiar and I love the characters. I don't watch a lot of TV, compared to most people I know. On Mondays I watch The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother & Samantha Who (or at least I will be once it come back next week). Wednesday we watch Pushing Daisies. Then I watch ER on Thursday and Ghost Whisperer on Friday. I tape Oprah every day and watch when I can, usually deleting about a quarter of them that don't interest me. This year, I'm taping Dancing with the Stars because my girl wants to watch it, thanks to my mom who watches every reality/game/contest show that's out there and "shared" DWTS with my girl. Of course, she wants me to watch it with her. I do it because I love her. I would not be watching it if I didn't. Well maybe just to see Misty May-Treanor in skimpy outfits... On the weekends, Shell & I watch Food Network shows together. I love cuddling up in bed with her and watching other people cook. Of course, if things like the Presidential Debates or the Academy Awards or definitely Christmas movies are on, then my TV watching increases. But for the most part, that's it.

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