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Monday, October 6, 2008

My experiment

Well, I have posted every weekday in October so far. Yes I know that it's only the 6th... But this is MY goal and I can heap praise on me whenever I like! So yeah... I decided to attempt a month of posts every weekday. I see lots of blogs where the writer posts every day for a month and they call it some cute name that I can't ever remember. So this is my version. I am cautiously optimistic that I can do this. Even if the content some days isn't very interesting, I will still post. And let's be honest, most of what I post is only interesting to me (and sometimes not even to me), so my blog=my rules.

Our weekend was pretty much the same as always. Me and the boy at Karate all day on Saturday. This was the last big testing day to determine who goes to Breckenridge in 2 weeks, and our whole Prep Cycle made it. My kid did so great. He even stepped on a piece of glass just before going in to test, and with the help of some other parents we got it washed and bandaged and he was on the floor. I was really proud of him.
We had yummy chicken tenders with buttery noodles for dinner that night and Shell & I watched Bam Bam & Celeste. It is an independent film starring Margaret Cho who also had a large part in the making of it. We liked it.
I think if you don't find Margaret funny, you wouldn't really like it. We've seen her perform live twice and watched her new show The Cho Show, so you could say we are fans.
I'm a little sad that this was the last movie I'll have through Blockbuster Online. I signed up for it a few months back and I've really liked having it. Shell got a Netflix subscription from her friend as a birthday gift and we kept them both going so we'd both get to have control of what movies we got. Unfortunately, her gift subscription was only good for 6 months, so we had to make a decision. For the sake of cutting back, one had to go. They were both the same price and both had awesome turnaround time. Our deciding factor was that we felt that Netflix has a better selection of gay themed movies and documentaries. So our decision was made and I stretched out my Blockbuster subscription as long as I could. My billing date is next week, so I wanted to get my last two movies back with enough time to get credited. So off they go today. I am really glad we are keeping Netflix, even though we agree that it'll be the next extraneous expense to go if necessary.
I also finished a book last week. I haven't been reading as much as I'd like lately, there's just not a lot of time. So I chose this one for it's brevity (176 pages) and subject matter. Here is part of the summary from the book: "On a clear California morning when Lynne Cox was 17 years old, she had an unusual experience that stayed with her for 30 years, creating a spiritual foundation for her personal and professional success. In this slim and crisp memoir, Cox details a morning swim off the coast of California that took an unexpected turn: returning to shore, she discovered that she was being followed by a baby gray whale that had been separated from its mother. As Cox developed a rapport with the whale, she took on the responsibility of keeping it at sea until it was reunited with its mother." I thought it was beautifully written.
We went grocery shopping yesterday at Super Target. I point this out because we have shopped at Wal-Mart for a long time now, ever since we found that it was so much cheaper than shopping at the usual grocery stores. We have hated giving our money to them, but felt it was the most economical for our family. A few weeks ago, Shell shopped at Super Target and the bill was lower than our usual at Wal-Mart. So we've gone there every weekend since and have been extremely happy with the results. We are converts, and feel so much better about spending our money there. Yay!

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StephLove said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I may check it out. Good luck with your blogging experiment!