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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I missed it. My one-year anniversary of keeping this blog was on October 10. I'm really proud of myself for still keeping it up one year later. When I started it, I really wasn't sure if I would be able to, but I did. My posting has been spotty at times, and I think I've only recently become more committed to it. I'm enjoying it, and that's really what's important.
Tomorrow is the day. The Karate testing retreat starts tomorrow evening and I am FREAKING OUT. I am so afraid that I will not be prepared. Tonight I need to make sure all the food is cut up and in a central area for packing tomorrow. We will pack our suitcase tonight and make sure that all weapons and sparring gear are accounted for. I am hoping that I can sleep in for a little while in the morning, maybe my boy will too. We'll eat a good breakfast, pack up the car and leave around noon. We're stopping by to pick up ice from my parents (they have an industrial icemaker), and then off to the mountains we'll go.
Wish us luck!

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