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Friday, October 3, 2008


Today we had our first parent-teacher conferences of the year. We have become quite accustomed to hearing that our kids are doing great/ performing above expectations/ behaving in class/ friendly and helpful; any questions for me? No. That's it, thanks for coming. It's rough, but someone's gotta do it right?
Today we pretty much heard it all again. Except this time, we heard that there have been a couple instances of our boy getting a bit stressed out over a perceived problem. One example his teacher gave: They had a diorama project which he worked hard on and turned in very proudly. His teacher made mention that there were a few students (none were named) who did not label certain items in the diorama. My boy (who was one of the non-labelers) said he didn't know they were supposed to label anything and his teacher pointed out that it said to in the directions. Apparently my boy then turned red in the face and tears fell from his eyes. Another time, his teacher wrote his name on the board with no explanation. My boy was visibly upset (again with the redness and leaky eyes) and when his teacher asked what was the matter, my boy said that he was in trouble but didn't know why. Teacher clarified that the name on the board was going to show kids who were well behaved during the day, not ones who were in trouble. He is a good kid, and likes being recognized as such. On the contrary, he doesn't want to be in trouble - ever. That's good right? I hope that we can somehow get his emotions under control by simply talking to him and reassuring him.
Other than that, both of our kids have straight-A's and their CSAP scores last year were at or above average for their grade. They rock!


StephLove said...

I'm glad they are doing well for the most part. I know how hard it is to see your kids get stressed out, though. It took weeks for N to get over his idea that his morning teacher was just pretending to be nice and would turn mean at any moment. (Last year some second graders told him all the second grade teachers were mean and he remembered it.) Actually, I'm not sure he's completely over it. I've been meaning to ask him.

Anonymous said...
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