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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February - Wow!

The first month of the year is gone, what do I have to show for it? I have some of the same "to do" lists that I did at the end of December. I have been thinking about them EVERY DAY. It is making me a little crazy actually. Most of them have to do with cleaning and organizing. My house is a disaster and apparently I am too lazy to do anything about it, other than think about doing something about it. My sister came for a surprise visit at Christmas. I was so thrilled that she came and brought my nephew and niece, but never invited her to my house. I was actually a little relieved that she was only here a few days, so I could get away with just visiting her at my parents house. She is planning to come back in March (oh my god that's next month!), and Shell said that we better start getting ready now. Yes, it's that bad. It's really ridiculous to be honest. Every day, every single day, I walk into my house and hate how it looks. Every room in my house, except for the family room, is a mess. And it's not like I'm just going about my days ignoring it. I notice it all, and yet I don't do a thing about it. You might be thinking - but what about the other 3 people in your house? Unfortunately I think the kids are used to it and don't really notice. And Shell is... I don't know. I think she figures that eventually someone will clean it, why should she? And eventually it always does, usually because someone is coming for a visit and will be staying with us. Or we are hosting a holiday or birthday party. That is how our house gets clean. And I really hate it. I get really excited on Fridays telling myself that I am going to spend the weekend cleaning, and then don't. I don't even know where the excitement gets lost, it just does.

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