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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A day to relax...Finally!

It is Sunday morning at 7:30, and I am getting ready to go back to bed with my wife. I got up to let the dogs outside and feed them, check emails, post this and then I'm going back to snuggling up under the covers with her and doze in and out until I can't stand it and get up for the day. I HAVE to be up by 10, because I have to call my sister who lives in Missouri to help her do her boyfriend's taxes.
Friday night we did end up going out. Shell called my mom to ask her to watch the kids and she dropped them off after school. I drove from work and we met at Lonestar for dinner. It wasn't crowded at all and the service turned out to be great. And the food...oh my it was yummy. We shared an appetizer of cheese fries, and for my entree I had a New York strip steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions, a baked potato and a salad. It was delicious. We went to see the movie Definitely, Maybe after dinner. It was very cute. The theater we went to had the most uncomfortable seats and absolutely no leg room. It is the closest theater to us, but they are building a new one not too far so we're looking forward to that. We usually go to the AMC theater which is still not that far, but they weren't showing the movie early enough to still make it back to pick up the kids by a reasonable time. We had a really nice evening.
Saturday morning the boy and I were up at 7am. He had a Karate tournament that he had to be to at 9:00. He competed in his level and received a finalist trophy for the form he did and a 4th place trophy in sparring. Then he decided to compete in the open division. For this, you do a form that you have made up. He made up a form with his nunchakus (nunchucks) that he has been practicing for a couple of weeks and he decided to use that. So he got signed up and was due for that at 12:45. First they had the Black Belts compete with one another and then the Under Black Belts competed with each other. Well, when they announced the competitors, my boy was the only one there. So he competed, got very good scores and won First Place. Yes it was by default, but the point was that he went up there with EVERYONE watching and did his self-created form. And he did great. The announcer kept saying how it took a lot of guts to get up there, and it made me very proud.

After the tournament, I took the boy to the bank to open a savings account for him. He has been wanting to do this for months, and the time was right. So he opened his account with $70. He was pretty excited. After we got home and all of us went to Blockbuster and Shell & I rented the new Michelle Pfeiffer movie I Could Never Be Your Woman. It was cute. We had Chick-Fil-A for dinner and after the movie we went to sleep. It was a good day.

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