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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It is no secret to those who know me that I love books. And reading. I love books and reading books. Actually reading just about anything. I was the kid who sat eating cereal with the cereal box in front of me, reading it. I still do that. I read the junk mail frequently, just because it's there. We have subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly and People magazines, and the majority of the time I have read them both cover to cover within 2 days of receiving them. We also have a subscription to Playboy magazine...and I really do read the articles! Besides cereal boxes, junk mail and magazines, I devour books. I have for as long as I can remember. Every single time I have moved in my life, the boxes of books are cause for discussion. Before I pack them: "Please make sure you don't make those boxes too heavy",Are you taking all of them". While moving: "I'll help you move, but I'm not carrying the book boxes", "O my god these boxes are so heavy! How many books DO you have?". After unpacking: "The next time we move we are hiring movers just to move your books!". Get the point?
So anyway, I read a lot and I own a pretty sizable amount of books. More than most people I know anyway. I would like it to be larger, but my wife would like to see the walls so I stick to buying the books I really, really want to own. And to quiet the hunger, I borrow books from the library. At least once a week I am there checking out a book or two. The librarians at the branch closest to my work know who I am when I walk in the door and usually have my book(s) waiting for me when I get to the desk. (I request books through their website and they send them to the library for me to pick up. I LOVE THIS!) There is one librarian who, upon telling me when my book is due always says "Not that you will need it that long". So I have decided to tell a little about the books I read on my blog. Nobody else reads this, so it is purely for my enjoyment and to help me remember. Because since I read so many books, it is very common for me to forget some of them.
I just finished reading Eric Clapton's autobiography titled "Clapton". I really liked it a lot. It felt very intimate and not full of a lot of stuffy facts and dates. It felt like someone telling you about things that happened in their life. He was honest when scolding himself for bad judgements he made (and there were a lot) and also gave other people in his life credit for the good stuff. It was a book about himself, but it didn't feel like a me, me, all about me story. I didn't really know that much about Eric Clapton before reading this, and I find myself wanting to know more now. His ex-wife (who left her husband George Harrison to be with Eric Clapton) wrote a book about being married to George and Eric and I think I am going to read it as well.

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