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Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm so glad it's Friday. It's been a really long week - month actually. We've got less then 2 weeks before Halloween. My boy is going as Harry Potter and my girl is going as a Hollywood starlet. I love that the boy wants to be Harry because he read the book, he hasn't seen the movies. He is done with the first one and just getting into the second one. We can't emphasize the importance of reading enough in our house, and we are very lucky that both kids love to read.
Speaking of reading, I am reading a great book by a first time author, who happens to be one of the parents at my sons Karate school. The book is The First Key of Kalijor and the author is Paul Lell. I don't usually get into Science Fiction/ Fantasy, but to support his work, I bought it. I am loving it! He has a second and third book in the series in the works, hopefully the first one gets some notice and the others can follow. It's very good. I am compelled to finish it soon for two reasons. 1. It's great and I want to see what happens and 2. I want to start reading Rosie O'Donnell's book. My fantastic wife let me order a signed copy and it is waiting to be cracked open. I love that Rosie so much! I read her blog (among others) daily and enjoy her a lot.

Moving on... Next week is going to be interesting. I am training a new hire for our Utah office, here in mine all week. This is a new one for me. So today (once I finish blogging) I am dedicated to getting my filing caught up, and get my desk organized, so I can show her "how it's done". Oh boy.
Last but not least, today is my dad's 57th birthday. He'll never see this I'm sure, but I just wanted to acknowledge it. There have been some concerning incidents lately that make me worry for him, so I am hopeful that this next year of his life turns around in a positive way. I have come to appreciate my parents so much more in the last 10 years or so, and I really cherish the relationship I have with them. I am grateful that my kids have them in their lives, and really thankful that Shell is loved and treated as family. That was a years-long struggle, but now it's very comforting that it appears to be a non-issue.
Oh and yesterday my basset hound Willow turned 3. Happy Birthday to Willow and Dad!!

My Willow girl

Dad deep-frying turkey

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