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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Siblings Out There

My beautiful children are the perfect sum of Shell and I. They are interesting combinations of us both. Our boy is so much like Shell it is scary. He even has her toes - how did that happen?! Our girl is very much like me, physically and otherwise. But how she got a mole on her chest in the exact same place as Shell and her mom is baffling.

However, they are only genetically mine. We wanted desperately to have children, but did not want there to be a third parent in the picture. We agreed to choose an anonymous donor and do not regret this at all. Fast forward to now and here I am, a blog addict. I LOVE reading other people's blogs, especially those written by lesbians who are trying to get pregnant, currently pregnant, or already have children. Anywhoooo, I have read a few from moms who also conceived their children through anonymous donor inseminations. Many actually. And a couple recently have caught my eye and piqued my interest, because through Donor Sibling Registries they have made contact with and sometimes met in person their childrens' half siblings - other offspring of the donors they used. After talking it over with Shell, we decided it couldn't hurt to register and see what happens. So I did, and after they verified that I had a right to it, I was able to log in and see the information they had on the other children that were born as a result of our donor. It made me teary to realize that there were other kids with a similar genetic makeup out there growing up. I panicked as I wondered if they were happy and well-cared for. This is what I know about the kids that are listed (it's pretty interesting):

Boy/Girl Twins born Jul 30, 1998 - these are mine :)

Girl/Girl Twins born Dec 17, 1999

Girl born Jan 6, 2000

Boy born Mar 17, 2000

Girl born Mar 18, 2000

Boy/Girl Twins born Sep 23, 2002 - born to the same parents as Mar 18, 2000 girl above

So many twins...So many girls! On almost all of them, their email addresses are posted so I can send them an email and make contact. Shell and I agreed that we won't tell the kids about this just yet. We want to see what will come of the email first. I don't want them to think they might have contact with any of these kids, and then for some reason it falls through. We are being protective, that's our job. Now I have to figure out what to say in the email. Do I tell them that we are lesbians right off the bat? I guess I have nothing to lose by telling them, I'd need to eventually anyway. This is the first time I've felt that our kids may suffer due to it. Another reason not to tell them until I know that something could come of it.

That was quite the rambling post, it sums up exactly how I feel about this. Now to get the emails written. Here goes nothing!

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