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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blogging, Take 1

Why do I have a blog? That's a good question. The answer is simple and complicated all at once.
  • I have become (mildly) addicted to reading blogs, blogs that belong to people I don't know. And yet I visit them daily to see what they are doing in their lives. Before, I didn't think anything exciting happened in my life, so why would I need a blog. But after reading so many over and over, I realize that exciting things don't happen to a lot of people, but they still blog. So why couldn't I?
  • I'm sure that nobody will read a (boring-see above) blog about my life. And I wasn't sure that I would want anyone I know in real life to read it. Would I censor it, knowing that they might? But I think I've come to the conclusion that I don't care. I don't care if anyone reads it, or if someone I know does. It's for me.
  • My kids are 9 years old. I am long past: trying to get pregnant, pregnancy, babies, toddlers, and the stories that accompany all of those stages. But I find myself struggling at times to remember some of them, and that makes me sad. So, at least I will have a way to document the ones that happen now. And along the way, I can include those memories for prosperity.
  • My life may seem normal and boring to me, but that's probably because I live it every day. To someone else out there, it might be interesting. Here is what I can write about: My lesbian relationship of over 15 years, the amazing woman I am madly in love with, our brilliant 9 year old twins, our very precocious yet lovable basset hounds, life in our first house purchased brand new last year, my family who I am grateful to have in my life, and my wife's family who I love, sometimes for the pure fact that they make me more grateful for the normalcy in my own life. Hee hee.

I think those are my obvious reasons for blogging. I have no expectation for myself to blog every day, or to make it interesting. It is what it is. I am doing it for me, so anyone else who comes along is just icing on the cake. Oh, right and speaking of cake... I really need to lose weight, maybe I'll get motivated soon and be able to write about that too. So here I go...Come What May.

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