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Friday, March 27, 2009

A "Real" Post - to catch up

OK, so I just went back through a month of posts to find I didn't write anything of substance. Not that my posts usually are, but still. So, for the sake of recording things that happened without making this a ridiculously long post...bring on the bullets!

  • This week is Spring Break for the kids, so they've been home driving each other crazy all week. My mom took them on Wednesday to the theater to see Hotel for Dogs and Bolt. It was good for them to get out of the house. Plus she bought them hot dogs, popcorn, candy and soda. Yesterday (Thursday) we got hit by a spring blizzard that brought over 10 inches to our house. I got to leave work about 10am and spent the day rearranging my girl's bedroom. It looks great and I hope it gives her reason to keep it clean. Then we went to my parents' house for dinner and pie for Shell's birthday. We watched Kung Fu Panda before heading home so Shell could get ready and leave for work early. It was still snowing and the roads were horrible, but she made it okay. Whew! It takes a lot to keep her from going to work. I didn't leave for work until after 10am this morning to allow the snowplows to clear the roads a little. It was well worth it, as I had no problems getting through. When I left, the kids were starting to shovel the driveway and sidewalk. When Shell got up, she called to tell me that the driveway was so well done it was dry and they had even shoveled halfway out into the street. Plus had cleaned off her car (she drove mine to work last night). They'll definitely be rewarded for this. They're really good kids, when they want to be.

  • Shell's birthday weekend was great. Her actual birthday was on Friday (the 13th), so I took the day off as a surprise. We spent the morning being lazy then went to Old Chicago for lunch, did some shopping at Lane Bryant, went home to "celebrate" before the kids came home and then I made egg rolls for dinner. We saw Race to Witch Mountain that night. We all liked it. I had two free tickets, so we got 4 for the price of 2. What a deal! Saturday night we dropped the kids off at Dana's for the night and we went to Red Lobster for dinner then to the "adult toy store". This was actually a first for us, and it showed! It took us a while to figure out what we wanted, then we went home to play with our new toys. We picked the kids up around 11 on Sunday and then we all got ready for my company dinner that night. It was in Monument, which would normally take a little over an hour. Except that there was a big accident on the highway, so it took us over 2 hours. Luckily, we only missed the appetizers and socializing. We walked in just as dinner was starting. Two hours later we were on our way home, which took us almost exactly an hour. It was quite a weekend!

  • Last weekend, the excitement was the "locking my keys in the car at the adult toy store and had to call my mom" incident. And yes, we had just been there a week before, but we are adult toy rookies and had to go back. Enough said...

  • The kids had their annual physicals and are doing great. They are tall and thin and healthy. They passed their hearing and vision tests with flying colors and got vaccinations. My girl freaked out when they did hers. It didn't help that a tiny amount of blood trickled out when the needle was pulled out. She's NOT a fan of needles... My boy hardly flinched. He's a stud.

  • Their musical was fantastic. My girl's performance was a hit. I have pictures, so I'll make that a post of it's own. And they brought home report cards with straight A's. Needless to say, we are very proud of both of them.

  • I'm getting a new desk at work next Tuesday. I am really excited about this as it's been in the works for over a year now. Plus, I'm moving to a different area of the office, so it'll feel more like my space as opposed to the middle of everyone's space. I can't wait.

  • My boy's fishtank has had a few changes, and now houses the snail, 3 neon tetras (only 1 is from the original batch), 4 guppies(the original 1 plus 3 from my co-worker), and an algae eater. He loves his new fish, and I find myself in there watching them too.

  • My boy has continued to keep his room clean and makes his bed most days. He's quickly outgrowing the toys he keeps in bins under his bed, and is more interested in video games, Pokemon cards and television shows. He doesn't care to discuss the puberty video they watched at school, but knows that he can come to us if he has any questions or concerns or just wants to talk. He's growing up fast and I'm running as fast as I can to keep up.

  • My girl had many questions after the puberty video and has continued to talk to us about things that she wonders about. I'm very grateful for this, as my mom didn't say a word about puberty or sex to me. I learned everything from books, my friends and experience. I told my girl that I want it to be different for her, and although she told me that she might not tell me everything, she does feel comfortable talking to me now. I'll take what I can get.

I guess that's it for now. Guess the bullets didn't make it as brief as I hoped... I can't believe it's almost April, but am happy that Spring is here. Well other than the snow...

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StephLove said...

Sounds like you've been busy. Happy belated b-day to Shell and I'm glad the kids' play went well.