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Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

copied from hollywoodfarmgirl ~
when the government declared the illegality of interracial marriages unconstitutional in the late 60s, it was not a unanimous decision. in fact, 80% of the country was against it. thank goodness the country led us into better perspectives, and didn't leave it up to the humanly flawed citizens. but now... we're going to VOTE on equality? "is this person the same value as that person? say ay or nay..."

would rosa have wanted the people to VOTE whether or not she could get on the bus?

would martin have waited for a VOTE to see if everyone thought blacks should be equal? i think not.

no matter how many voters there are wrenching away MY RIGHTS into their bigotted hands.... you can't take my family away from me. you can't make us stop loving each other. you simply can't. try to vote on that.

PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! if you can finally make it to first-class citizenship, then so can i. one day.

I may not live in California, but the decisions made in that state concerning the rights of people like me do affect me. If it's ok for California and Florida and Arizona to write discrimination into their constitution, what will stop other states from doing the same?

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