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Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer's Over Already?

The kids went back to school on Tuesday. They are fifth graders. I can't believe it. So far, they like their teachers just fine and the homework they've had has been very easy for them. It's been a good transition from summer to schooltime. However, my girl is very much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. She understands the value of this, my boy does not. He is an early riser, always has been. And he is ready to start his day the SECOND his eyes open. No lazy, sleepy starts for him. Shell says she can't wait until he is a teenager and inevitably wants to sleep his weekends away so she can wake him up at 7am...just for fun.
I always take pictures of them on the first day of school, and this year was no exception. I had every intention of posting them here, but then realized that my daughter is wearing her school ID and it has her name and the name of her school very clearly revealed. I have no idea how to blur it out or blacken it, but when I do I'll put it up.

My nieces went home to CA on Tuesday too. I miss having them around, but it was time. CANiece2 was very homesick and CANiece1 was anxious to get to the business of starting high school which she'll be doing next month. It's bad enough that she's turning 14 next week, but to be starting high school is just unthinkable. Remind me why they have to grow up?

My boy and I are going with my dad to a Beatles tribute band concert tomorrow night at Red Rocks Ampitheater. I'm really looking forward to it and my son is over the moon excited. He LOVES the Beatles, so it's going to be a lot of fun. He has Karate all day from 10am to around 4ish, but luckily it's at a close-by location so we won't have far to drive once it's over. The concert starts at 8pm, but it's general admission so we want to get there early and get good seats. Shell is going to the Rockies game with her friend, and the girl is going to hang out at with my mom. A busy Saturday as usual. I would love to have a Sunday with nothing going on, but it never works out that way.

Next weekend is Labor Day. I LOVE three-day weekends!!!

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