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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation Recap Finale

We got to Eric's late Thursday night and although I tried to stay up to watch a movie, I was falling asleep sitting up. We got our jammies on and off to bed we went. Eric mentioned that we had never slept in the same bed before, besides the day we tried to get tickets to see Janet Jackson back in 1990. We had been up all night waiting in line, and didn't get tickets so we ended up back at my house and fell asleep on my bed. I was kind of surprised, but glad that he remembered.

Eric's dog Sugar. I totally fell in love with her!

The next morning (Friday), we got up and walked to Starbucks and the grocery store. Once back at his place, we didn't do much of anything really. It was another scorcher in SoCal, and he didn't have AC either!! I ended up taking a nap. Eric bought tickets for us to go to the opening night of the Hollywood Bowl that night. It was so much fun! The orchestra played for a while; Della Reese introduced B.B. King who performed and Mary Louise Parker introduced Liza Minnelli who performed. Oh my gosh I about died when Mary Louise came out. I was excited to see Liza, but seeing Ms. Parker was a wonderful surprise. I love her! Liza looked and sounded great. What a show. After we left, we went to see Eric's friend where she works, had a few drinks, ate and went back to Eric's. That was a really great day. Spending time with Eric is priceless to me, and I enjoyed every minute.

Opening Night at the Hollywood Bowl
Saturday we slept in much later then we should have. After getting all my stuff back in the car, we had lunch at a really great place, Joan's on Third. The food tasted amazing. Then we fought traffic in our rush to get to the airport. I was minutes away from missing my flight. Our good-bye was rushed, which is probably good. I hate saying good-bye to him. And then I was homebound.
I was glad to get home to Shell, but very sad to leave everyone I had spent time with. My kids will fly home on July 8; my mom will drive back with my CANieces at the end of July; Eric is coming here in November for the Madonna concert and the plan is that MOSis & her kids will come back out to see us at Christmas. Don't know when I will see CASis again as there is nothing planned at this time.

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