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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Since Vacation

Ugh, I hate going back to work after vacation! I've been back to work for over a week now, and I think I have finally caught up. My kids get back home next week, and I am glad. I miss them.

What have I done since I got back from CA? Well, the day after I got home we went to PrideFest with Dana & Jeannie. I really love going to Pride. This year there were over 250,000 who attended. It was very hot, but so satisfying to be there. We were sad that the kids weren't with us, but we definitely spent less money without them. Jeannie cooked dinner for us that night, and we played many games of Catchphrase before going home.

I took Monday off from work so Shell & I could go to our gynecologist appointments. It was just my routine annual, but it was the first for Shell in 8 years! Her cycle is so screwed up, so she got some birth control to try and see what happens. I hope it helps. She also got a bunch of bloodwork done to see how everything is working. We're waiting to hear the results on that.

I went back to work on Tuesday. It sucked. I don't know what else to say, so that's all about that.

Saturday we had my dad over for dinner. I made shredded beef enchiladas and they were amazing. It was my first attempt at them and we were very pleased. He got to see all my pictures from CA too. It was nice.

Sunday we had Dana & Jeannie over to our house for dinner, this time making shredded beef tacos. Again yummy! The best part about having guests over is that it forces us to clean up our house. The main level of my house looks so pretty, I really need to work on our bedroom next.

This week at work has been more of the same - catching up. I have Friday off for 4th of July - can't wait. I HAVE to get my grass mowed, it is so long. We have really nasty weeds too, I'll need to get some weedkiller that is safe to have with the dogs.

I am REALLY looking forward to Saturday. It is the True Colors concert with the B-52's, Joan Armatrading, Girl in a Coma, Carson Kressly, ROSIE O'DONNELL & CYNDI LAUPER!!!! Excited doesn't even come close to how much I am looking forward to this.

That should bring me up to date. Oh!!! I almost forgot. While I was in CA, Shell decided to quit smoking! She has done really well, and we can't wait to tell the kids when they get home. They will be so happy. They'll also be happy because we bought tickets to see Idina Menzel next month for all four of us. Next month is going to be pretty exciting for us. My girl is going with Shell to see Martina McBride in concert; My boy is going with my dad & I to see a Beatles tribute concert; We're all going to see Idina and they start school on August 19. Whew! We're going to be busy, that's for sure.


Denise said...

Love the new colors on your blog and the new pics. Congrats to Shell for quitting smoking.

This Mom said...

Thanks Denise. I am trying to be optimistic that this will be THE time, that it finally sticks. *crossing fingers*

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Shell! My partner quit using a lot of cinnamon gum and End-It smokeless inhalers.

Sounds like your life is going really well! You have such a lovely family. Hope you had a great 4th!

This Mom said...

Thanks for reading my blog Mrs. Bluemont. She has depended on regular gum and the Commit lozenges. She did smoke 2 when a couple of friends of ours where over 2 weeks ago, but other than that, so far so good.