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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Long Week Already!

It's only Wednesday and I feel like it should definitely be Friday by now. The last week has been pretty rough on us, and I really don't see enough signs that it's going to get better. My boy has been at Karate every day possible to make up the classes he missed while in CA, and we are pretty burnt out. He aced the pretest last weekend with great compliments from the judges and lots of best luck wishes. The big test starts on Friday at 6pm, so I am leaving work early that day so we can be there on time. It should be over around 10ish and then we have to be back the next morning, probably around 8 to test all day until 6. We take a cooler with water, snacks and lunch to get us through the day. It's fun, but very stressful.
On Sunday our air conditioner stopped working. It was 98 degrees that day and inside of our house it was 85 degrees. We keep the temperature at 75, so we were a bit on the hot and cranky side. I called Sears (who installed the unit last summer) and the first available appointment we could get was yesterday (Tuesday). All night Sunday it never got below 80 in the house. I have never been so glad to go to work on a Monday, as I was that morning. The AC at work was so wonderful! Monday was a 95 degree day, and our house warmed up to a toasty 89 degrees and hovered around 84 all night. We were all miserable by this time, including the dogs. Shell called me at work yesterday after the service tech left to tell me that the house was cooling off finally. Apparently, when I replaced the filter in the furnace on Sunday, I put it in upside down which triggered some sensor and shut everything down. You know, for safety reasons. Thankfully, he didn't charge us anything, even though there was supposed to be a minimum charge of $93 just for him to show up. He did mention that a house our size should have quite a few more vents for the AC to work as efficiently as it could, but since we won't be doing that anytime soon, he gave us some suggestions for ways to cool off the larger rooms better. He was very nice. AND FREE!!
My job has been very stressful lately and I feel like I'm having a hard time keeping it from affecting me at home. Plus, with our amped up Karate schedule, I haven't really spent much time with Shell since the kids got home. We are definitely feeling the effects of that. Our mortgage payment went up this month by about $200, our water, power and electricity bills are steadily going up and the price of gas is astronomical. There is still a freeze on overtime at Shell's work which is really hurting. All of these things combined with normal life stresses are wearing on Shell and I a lot more than I would like. She is really struggling with smoking and has allowed herself a couple a day "just to get through". I can't fault her this, as I know the stress level is high. We need to make some changes and fast. But where to begin?

Today is my very best friend's birthday. Happy Birthday Eric and welcome to 34!

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