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Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 Weeks

Two weeks from right now we will be driving to California. Two.Weeks. I am actually starting to feel a little better about this and letting the excitement take over for the anxiety. It's a good thing. What got me to here?

This last week has been really busy. On Saturday, my boy had his normal early Karate class, but because it was the Memorial Day weekend and the other classes were cancelled they started it at 8:30 instead of 7:30. That was nice. I mowed the front yard and thought I was going to die. Seriously. After I was done, I sat down and couldn't catch my breath and my heart was pounding so hard and fast I thought I might pass out. Needless to say, I didn't get the side yard or the backyard done. That is still on my Must Be Done Before Leaving list. We went out that night for a goodbye get-together for a friend of Shell's that is moving out of state. We went to a straight bar downtown. Now, I don't go out that much and when I do we go to Charlie's which is a gay bar. I think I'm going to stick with gay bars from now on as much as possible. I am so thankful that I am not doing the "dating thing", and that I don't have to be subjected to the meat market that is straight clubs too often. I guess I'm just too old and too married to appreciate it. But it was fun to see people from Shell's work that I don't usually hang out with. Usually I dance when we go to Charlie's, and I did a little but I just wasn't as comfortable.

The kids spent the night at my parents, which was good since we didn't get home until 3:30am. Willow woke me up at 6:15 to go outside, and then I went back to sleep. Joe decided it was time to get up at 9. Oh well. I woke Shell up about 10:30 and then we got ready to go shopping. My mom went with us, which was a first. Shell, as usual, spent so much more than we should have, but the sales were really amazing. We went to Fashion Bug, J.C. Penney's, Lane Bryant and Torrid. We had lunch at Long John Silvers (I wasn't impressed). My wife worked her usual magic and picked out clothes that looked really good on me. I am so glad that I have her, because otherwise I certainly wouldn't have the patience to find anything. We were gone for 6 hours. Whew! When we were done, we went back to my parents house (my dad kept the kids while we shopped), got takeout Mexican food and then went home. Monday, we went back to Penney's so Shell could get a few things then back to my parents house to BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs. We played two games of Shanghai and went home. Now I have so much laundry to do before we leave. The kids and I all have new clothes to wash.

This week is the last week of school. yesterday was Field Day and as usual, my son got a sunburn. The back of his neck is lobster red and very sore. So we skipped Karate last night and I got a start on the laundry. All the new stuff and the clothes already in hampers is very overwhelming right now. Two Weeks to go. I told Shell that other then Karate, I can't leave the house this weekend. I HAVE to finish mowing. I HAVE to get through the laundry. The boy and I HAVE to clean his fish tank. Oh boy.

I have stayed up until after 11 the last two night trying to make a dent in the laundry and getting some shows cleaned out of the DVR. I am a bit tired. I am hoping that I can get so much accomplished this weekend that I just have to do a little every day next week to stay on top of it. Next weekend is going to be pretty full. Saturday we have our hair appointment and Sunday is Pedicure and Manicure day. I'm very excited for this, and mom is getting her hair done and nails too. Can't wait!

Oh yeah, the other thing that helped me feel a little less anxious about the trip. I was telling Eric about how bad it makes me feel that I am so heavy, even heavier then when I was there just last spring. And because he is the best, he said that nobody cares how much I weigh. AND he found the pictures he took at my wedding and I get to see them finally. I know that in my mind somewhere I know that the people who I love don't care what I weigh, but I know that it is noticed. I know that I notice when someone I know gains a lot of weight. I don't judge or think bad things about them, but I do notice. I've come to terms with the fact that I can't do anything about my weight in the next two weeks, but I am definitely not going to make it worse. I broke out my Walk Away the Pounds DVD and walked 2 miles on Tuesday night and one mile last night. I haven't bought any fast food this week and am committed to following that through until we leave.

That's it for now. Here is a picture of Shell and I Saturday night at the bar.

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