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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Catching Up

There is no easy or quick way to do this, so I guess I'll just jump in. A lot has been happening, and whenever I think I'm going to write about something I decide to wait to include the next event and so on. To make it less painful, I'll make it more about the pics and less about the dialog. We'll see how that goes...

On April 11 & 12, my boy endured 2 days of intense testing in front of master instructors to earn his High Brown Belt. He passed. It was awesome and I was (am) so proud of him. The day after was for rest and relaxation.
On the left:Hanging out with sis & the dogs. On the right: The boy and our Willow dog

On April 26, he had a progress check and then the official graduation where he got his new belt.
Top Left: A high side kick. Top Right: Does he look nervous to you? Bottom: Check out those freckles!

Top two: Getting his new belt from his instructor. Bottom: Proudly wearing his new High Brown Belt

The 26th was also my niece's 10th birthday. She is 3 months older then my kids. Happy birthday to her!
On May 3rd, we saw Margaret Cho at the Paramount Theatre. She cracks me up, we really enjoy her humor. Ian Harvie opened for her. He is a FTM transgender, and is hilarious! We had such a great time. The 3rd was also the 5 year anniversary of our wedding. I should blog about that! From that day..

May 5 was my 34th birthday. Shell made me a delicious dinner when I got home from work, and I opened cards & gifts from her and the kids. I got the new George Michael CD, a Bruce Sprinsteen Greatest Hits CD, and a Starbucks gift card. We are going to see A Chorus Line next week, which was partly for my birthday as well. So Happy Birthday to me!
On my birthday. 34's not so bad.

And then to wrap it up, my boy got his braces off this morning. He'll get his retainers in 2 weeks, but until then, he's got naked teeth. They look great. Here is a comparison to show how far he's come. Keep in mind that he has lost about 3 teeth in the last month, so those are still growing back in.
Before... And After
So that about wraps up the fun we've been having. I have purchased all 3 return trip tickets for next month and have put away the rest of my stimulus check for the trip. I really really want to buy Wicked tickets for the kids and I and Eric. I have to do that soon. Found out today that Madonna is coming to Denver on her tour. Shell has no desire to see her, so she recommended that we fly Eric out (the concert is in Nov.) and buy him a ticket to go with me. We planned a trip once before that centered around him & I going to see Tina Turner in concert. Madonna tickets go on sale May 31. I hope we can get tickets, I'm sure they will go fast.
Other than all that... Mother's Day is Sunday. We don't have any plans yet, but I'm sure we'll end up over at my parent's house.
This was a fun post. I should definitely do it again sometime.

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