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Friday, January 18, 2008

Yay for Friday!

I am SO glad that it's Friday. Although every week Friday comes around and I'm happy about it, and then Sunday afternoon is here and I realize that nothing that I wanted to happen over the weekend did. So do I think I'm going to accomplish lots this weekend? Of course. Will I? Probably not. This is what I know for sure about this weekend:
  • We do not have to go to my parents house at 6am each morning.
  • We are not going to Karate on Saturday. These two things mean I'm sleeping in!!
  • We are going to have dinner at my parents on Sunday.
  • Shell and I are going to watch last weeks L Word and this weeks - back to back.
  • The kids don't have school on Monday, so I don't have to spend Sunday night making sure everything is ready for school Monday morning. This is going to be very nice.

So I have no lofty goals for this weekend. Well, ok I do. But I am not expecting to get them done. I am seriously entertaining the thought of taking a couple of days vacation just to get my house clean and organized. I could make dinner each night and spend time with my wife. I could pretend to be a stay-at-home mom & wife for a few days. This is very appealing. I should definitely do this.

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