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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brief Update

Well Jenny went home on Saturday. I think she did have a stroke, which can only be verified through very expensive tests, which my parents have declined. What good would they be really? The outcome would probably be the same. Sure they might find something that is treatable - or more likely manageable - for X-amount of dollars for how long? Right now she is home. She sleeps a lot. She gets up to greet visitors upon arrival, to eat & drink and to go outside. But sometimes I think she gets lost on her way outside. She does circular laps - always to the left - and if someone doesn't help her remember she will have an accident in the house. I went over Monday morning before Mom left for her morning route (5:30am!) and stayed until Shell got there from dropping off the kids at the bus stop. She stayed until Mom got home at 8. Yesterday and today, and for as long as necessary, the kids and I went over at 6am to stay with her until Shell came from work. And then she waits until Mom gets home. I don't know how long we will do this. Either until Jenny starts to do better or Mom & Dad accept that whatever happens happens, or ??? Remains to be seen.
On Sunday Dad called and asked to borrow our dryer because theirs stopped working. And because when it rains it pours. When he came over to put his clothes in the dryer, he asked about our extra dryer. When we bought our house, it came with a washer & dryer. We had already purchased one for the first house we thought we were going to get, and I was in love with it. So we decided to keep it and try to sell the "free" ones. Well, it is now over a year and a half later and they are both still in my basement. So... long story short, we gave them the dryer. Well, in exchange for a swiss steak dinner. And they will probably take the washer too - in exchange for fried chicken. We can be bought! Shell and I agreed that it was really nice to finally be able to do something for them, after all that they have done for us. To be honest, we still owe them.

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