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Monday, February 16, 2009

A Valentine Weekend

Shell & I don't "do" the Valentines Day thing. We really haven't since the kids were born. We always get something for them, a little bit of candy and either a new book, or some pajamas. We always say Happy Valentines Day to each other, but that's about it. And we're totally fine with it. We have our own personal "holiday" that we celebrate on February 3, Shell's birthday is in March, we have 3 anniversaries within two weeks in April & May, then my birthday in May. We get to "celebrate" us quite often in the first half of the year, so Valentines Day is more for the kids. This year we decided instead of candy and gifts, we would take them to Dave & Busters and let them play. They have so much fun there. Then we went to a late lunch at Carino's, which was very yummy. My girl even said that it was the best Valentines Day ever. Oh, how I wish she would believe that for so much longer....
I got up Sunday morning and started laundry and then me & the kids left for our day of errands. It turned out that the dress we got for Cinderella wasn't going to cut it. Apparently, I was the ONLY parent who read that this was a "modern" version of the fairy tale, so the casually-dressy dress we bought was completely blown away by the dresses that the "commoners" were going to be wearing at the ball. And we can't have Cinderella upstaged by the townspeople, so we had to come up with another dress. Luckily, we still had the fairy princess dress that was used as a Halloween costume which was okayed by the musical director. She did request that we try to find a hoop skirt to make the bottom fuller, so that was on our list of things to do. We found one at David's Bridal that only put us out $25, which was less than I was afraid we might have to pay. Our multiple errands, which included grocery shopping, had us gone for 5 hours. After we got home, I did my taxes and e-filed them. I love getting them done early. I always get a refund, which definitely helps my motivation. I did Shell's too, but I'll need to wait to e-file them until after payday. Then I made bacon & cheese omelettes for dinner which were a big hit with everyone, watched some shows that were in my DVR and waited for the kids to go to bed so we could watch The L Word. There's something about that show that has always made me...well, um...let's just say it's like porn for me. And last night was no exception. It ended up being a very late night which wrapped up my Valentines Day weekend perfectly.
I hope that anyone with someone to love, whether they be your spouse, your children, your friends or family, had a great weekend as well.

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StephLove said...

I'm glad you had a nice weekend. I would have no idea where to find a hoop skirt! Good work, Mama.