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Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaBloPoMo 2013

So, it's that time again. Do I think that I can actually pull this off? Um...not really. Do I want to try? Yep. And there is even a list of writing prompts for each day too. Interestingly, there aren't prompts for the weekends. Apparently, you are supposed to use the weekends for free writing. So, does that mean I'll use that as an excuse not to post on the weekends? I don't know...maybe. But does it matter as long as I'm trying??
Alright, so the prompt for today is: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?
I would be a busy, busy girl if that were the case! And since "spend" isn't really defined, I'll decide what that means. First, I'd pay off all of our credit cards, car and mortgage loans. I'd buy Shell a new car, because hers is hanging on by a thread. I would buy tickets for us to go to New York for a week, and prepay for our hotel and whatever else they'd let me prepay for. I would hire (again, prepaying) someone to come get our lawns in shape and looking nice. Buy some trees to put in the backyard. Buy a new refrigerator and lawn mower.  Then, I would buy some CD's or savings bonds with the rest and treat them like a savings account, so that when it's time for the kids to start driving, for me to need money for the big university tuition, or to cover what my kids don't get from grant and scholarship money, we can use those investments. And that is my day's worth of spending.

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Steph Lovelady said...

I'd contract for all the repairs the house needs, buy new computers and a new mattress, drive to the beach and buy a beach house. Except knowing the cost of beach houses that would probably cost more than a million (and take more than a day to make all those decisions and purchases).