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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Morning is the topic of today's challenge. This is what it looked like as I pulled out of my garage this morning on the way to drop off the kids at the busstop. It was 6:20 and dark and very cloudy from the rain we got overnight. Summer is obviously leaving us as the mornings are staying dark longer...and I am thrilled. 


DaniKel said...

I too am ready for fall!! It's my favorite time of year!!

StephLove said...

Hey, you're blogging again. I guess I hadn't checked in a while. I can't believe your twins are in high school. Noah's in middle school, though, so it makes sense. Congrats on being accepted at your BA institution. You are humming right along with that degree.

It's very dark in the mornings here, too. Noah has to get up at 5:45 because he goes to a magnet school and has to take two buses, so that sky looks familiar.