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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bear Country USA

Go to Bear Country USA. Trust me, just do. Wait, you won't have to just trust me because I'm going to SHOW you why you must go.
You drive through the first part. As we entered the gate, this is what greeted us.
It was so gorgeous. We were blown away. Here is more of what we saw as we drove through. Keep in mind that very few of these pictures were taken using the zoom.

So that was all very exciting and the animals were so beautiful and so close, right on the side of the road sometimes. And then this bear walked up to our car. We saw a grasshopper jump onto the hood and the bear caught sight of it. We all held our breathe as he sat up and then the grasshopper jumped off the car and the bear relaxed. But then he stood right in that spot for several minutes. It was very cool.

After the bears, we also saw:The donkeys were the conclusion of the drive through part. Then we parked and walked through the area where the smaller animals are and visited the gift shop.In this same area is where they keep the bears under a year old. They were freaking adorable!Then, this happened....That, my friends is my sister and I walking INTO the cub enclosure. We entered a drawing to feed the bear cubs and I was chosen. You had to be over 18 to go inside, so the kids were out of luck. To be honest, I'm glad because I don't know how I could have chosen between them!

Here they come!

The kids were able to be in a gated area just outside of the enclosure. Here is from their view.Not bad. So, this is us feeding and playing with the babies. It was so awesome and unexpected. We will definitely go back, even if I don't get to feed baby bears next time.

That concludes the vacation wrap-up. Wow, I might actually get to the rest of August yet. Thanks for being patient!

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