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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey Day & Friday

We had such a nice Thanksgiving this year. Since we had the big turkey dinner with my parents when Eric was here, my mom opted out of cooking it again. So we spent it with Shell's best friend and her family. When thinking about what we could bring, I considered making a pecan pie. Now, I have never had pecan pie but always thought it looked tasty. My parents, Shell & my boy don't like pecans, so it never seemed to make any sense to make a pie that I might like, knowing that no one else would eat it. I asked Dana if her family liked pecan pie, which was answered with an emphatic "oh my god, we LOVE pecan pie! Can you make it?" I figured it would be worth a try. I am obsessed with The Pioneer Woman Cooks website so I used this recipe for the pie. I made it Wednesday night so it could set up overnight. I was pretty proud of how it looked, but had no idea if it would taste good.
I don't know why it rotated like this, but here's how it looked.

Anyway, I also made pumpkin bread, because I know that one tastes delicious. Dinner was good, but it's hard to eat another family's traditional Thanksgiving dishes when the only ones you've ever had were from your family. I missed my mom's dressing and gravy a LOT. Theirs were good, just different. After we recovered some from dinner, I was anxious to try my pie. I ate the first piece and thought it was really good. They recommended having it with vanilla ice cream, which was really delicious. Luckily, everyone who ate it said it was very good. I was so happy. My girl thought it was yummy too. I hope I have a reason to make it again. I'm not sure if it's so smart to make a whole pie for two people to eat.

We got home around 7ish, checked out the Black Friday ads, decided there was really nothing that we HAD to go out for and were all in bed by 10. We missed not having any leftovers, but we invited my parents over for chimichangas on Friday and had plenty left over from that. I also made pancakes for breakfast on Friday. It was a very yummy day after Thanksgiving!

It started to snow fast and heavy Friday night. These are pictures I took a couple of hours after it started.
Dogs in the backyard
The tree in the front yard. You can see the snow falling.
View from the front of the house.

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