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Monday, March 17, 2008

Fun Times

Last Thursday was Shell's birthday. She is now the same age as me, at least for the next 7 weeks until my birthday. I got her a few DVD's that she wanted, and went in to work late that morning to "celebrate" with her. We went out on Saturday for the actual celebrating. My girl spent the night at my parents house and the boy spent the night at Dana's. After dropping him off and picking Dana & Jeannie up, we drove downtown for dinner at Old Chicago. Some of Shell's coworkers met us there and after dinner we headed for Charlie's. It is a gay bar and is her favorite place to go. It works out really well because they have two dancefloors, one that caters to the country listening crowd and the other is for the dance music lovers. Once there, we met up with even more people from her work. We had some drinks, Long Beach Iced Teas for me - I LOVE THEM! - and we danced. A lot. It was so much fun. We left when the bar closed at 2 and went to Village Inn to eat. After dropping Dana & Jeannie off at their house, we went home. It was 4:00am! But oh boy was it worth it. I spent a lot of time talking to Dana, and I'm glad. I don't get a lot of opportunity to do that, and after talking to her I hope we get the chance again soon. She is the closest friend that my wife has, and it's nice to be able to share a bit with her.

I had hoped that Sunday would be a do-nothing day, but it was not to be. Dana woke us up when she brought our boy home, around 10ish. I started working on laundry and Shell started getting ready for the baby shower she was going to. I took the boy to a birthday party he was invited to, and then we picked up the girl from her time away with Dammy. (That's what the kids call my mom instead of Grandma) We went home and ate dinner, and the kids watched the Bee Movie and Shell & I watched Why Did I Get Married? I thought it was good. The kids loved the Bee Movie, I might watch it tonight. I started a membership with Blockbuster for their Netflix-style movie rentals and got those two movies and Waitress. For Shell's birthday I bought her August Rush, Death Proof and Planet Terror. So we will be watching a lot of movies. I am looking forward to getting caught up on movie watching.

We also watched The L Word last night. There is only one more episode left this season and then next season will be the last. To say that I am sad about this is an understatement. I will really miss our Sunday nights watching it together. I think we will have to buy the seasons on DVD and just start over again.

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Denise said...

We rented the bee movie it was ok. I just can't get over jerry seinfeld as the bee. His voice just does not fit. Also We rented Martian child with John and Joan Cusack. It was really good. Let me know how you like August Rush.