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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sticking another toe in...

Since I posted last, I've opened my blog every day and thought about writing. And then didn't. I think I have some kind of stage fright, like it's been too long and where do I start and should I try to catch up and then do I need to add pictures and I'll need to find the right pictures and nobody is going to see this besides Stacy!

So I'm going to just write, as if I hadn't missed almost a year of recording things, and maybe catch up later. It feels less daunting.

My kids turned 15 exactly two weeks ago and yesterday they started 10th grade. Unbelievable. They had to contest the schedules they were assigned in order to get the honors classes that they wanted. I am so incredibly proud of the ways that they are academically driven to succeed, in order to win scholarships when the time comes. They are amazing.

I start my seventh semester of college on Monday. I earned my Associate of Arts degree in May, so I'm now officially on the path towards my Bachelor of Arts. Still taking my classes at the community college (and paying considerably less than university tuition), and will continue to do so until I get to the upper level classes that are required to be taught by the university professors. Did I tell you that I was accepted to Regis University? It's a private Jesuit school, which is kind of ironic since I don't subscribe to any religions, but I especially balk at Catholic/Christian based religions. Because I will be going to Regis, I am required to take two religious studies classes. Last year, I took Comparative Religions (and interviewed a Pagan minister for my final project-which rocked) and it was my favorite class to date. I decided to take it on campus, instead of online, for the class participation aspect, and I'm so glad I did. I think, actually I know, that not being loyal to any one religion gives me an advantage in this type of class. I can see them all for their good and bad sides and have an open mind. I'm taking the second of the required religious studies classes this semester, along with some other really cool classes that I'm excited for. I'm taking: Philosophy of Religion, World Mythology, Sociology of Deviant Behavior, Contemporary Social Problems, Conversational Spanish, and Public Speaking. Not so thrilled about Public Speaking, but it's a required class...so take it, I must.

Tonight, Shell & I are going with three others to Red Rocks Ampitheater to see "Rocky Horror Picture Show" as part of the Film on the Rocks program. The gates open at 6:30 and the movie doesn't start until dusk. But the tickets are general admission and if you've ever been to a show at Red Rocks you know that the earlier you get there the better. The hike up to the upper seats is TOUGH! It's an amazing venue though, so I'm sure it'll be a blast.


Stacy said...

First of all...does it matter if I'm the only one reading???!!! Aren't I enough for you???!!!!!! lol

I'm SOOOOO jealous of your Film on the Rocks date. I miss Red Rocks so much! Best place EVER for any kind of concert.

Glad to see you blogging again! Think of it as therapy

Steph Lovelady said...

Have fun at Rocky Horror and good luck with your classes. I'm glad to see you posting again. I do check every now and then.

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